“Proof Sales Messaging increases sales”

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In comparing firms that are world-class at sales messaging with those that are not, CSO Insights found that they:

* Have 35% more of their salespeople achieving quota
* Win deals 20% more often
* Experience 33% less sales rep turnover

CSO Insights is like the Gartner of Selling. They do some of the most exhaustive and respected research in sales effectiveness (click for Whitepaper).

Got it covered? OK, then ask your salespeople to share with you the cost of doing nothing for your customer’s top three pain points.

If their answer is vague then help your Salespeople tell a better story by linking your unique capabilities to your customer pain points and then document the value of your solution (see map below).

Make sure you determine the problems and costs to your customer’s operations in the absence of having your unique capabilities. Without this step, your offering will remain valueless because your customers will not recognize that they have a problem worth fixing.

By providing your Salespeople with the right sales message, they can: 1) “Sell the problem before the solution”; 2) Overthrow the status quo and; 3) Win more business.

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