Storytelling Dice Game: Create business stories that sell

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Storytelling Dice Game: Create business stories that sell

Business Storytelling Feb 12, 2012 No Comments
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Storytelling Dice is a new role play game designed to teach your sales & marketing teams how to:

• Make your value propositions stick like Velcro by telling relevant and memorable stories that inspire your customers to take action.
• Think on their feet since every sales situation is different.
• Have fun discussing how real people have used your offering to solve real problems.
• Collect the tribal knowledge in a memorable story format just like we’ve been doing for over 10,000 years

The game requires that you customize your stories to 3-different titles so that your stories are on target and relevant.

Because there is an element of chance to the game by rolling the dice (36-possible stories with 6 title/goals cards and 6 villain cards), your salespeople will have to think on their feet. Since each sales situation is different, knowing how to adapt your stories on the fly is a valuable skill.

After playing the game, I’ve seen stories change from being dull and unfocussed to engaging, relevant and memorable.

These mini customer stories work because: 1) They make the abstract concrete by showing how real people solved real problems and; 2) they present a scenario that allows the Buyer to draw their own conclusions. Without feeling pressured, the Buyer can now relax and listen to your message and possibly tell themselves a new story where new choices make more sense.

Next Step

Go through the presentation and complete the Storytelling Template (click here) and then call or email (click here) for your free 20-minute consultation to review your story.

You may also buy the game for $19.95.



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