Online Training- Change Stories & Questions

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Learn online how to inspire customers to change with Change Stories & Questions

 At the end of this program, you will:

  1. Know how to challenge the status quo with C-Level Executives using Change Stories & Questions.
  2. Discover why you will fail to sell change with traditional Success Stories.
  3. Learn how to create Change Stories from your existing success stories, customer interviews or personal experience so that you can inspire customers to change.

Fast & Practical

  1. With just 60-minutes of instruction and 60-minutes of exercises, your team can be ready at your next QBR to share their Change Stories so that your team is razor sharp on why customers are changing today.
  2.  Real examples of Change Stories from major technology companies and examples of where stories & questions fail.

Everything You Need

  1. Change Story Template & Guide
  2. Questions Template & Guide
  3. Real examples of Customer Change Stories delivered in an entertaining video format.
  4. After the individual online program, we would recommend having your team share their Change Stories/Questions in groups of four to six (virtually or in person) so that they can receive constructive feedback.


  1. For $149 per person, your salespeople will produce one Change Story along with Questions & email them to their manager.
  2. With a small investment of $149 and 2-hours of individual study, your sales team could be sharing Change Stories at your next QBR so that your tribal knowledge becomes common knowledge.

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  1. Click here to access the online training program.

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