Insight Messaging

Insight Sales Messaging Workshop (1.5-days)

At the end of the 1.5 day “Insight Sales Messaging” workshop, we will turn the theory of Insight Selling into reality so that your salespeople are able to dislodge the status quo and differentiate your product.

Whether you are taking the workshop so that you can customize the material for the Insight Selling Workshop, or if you are looking to deliver the insights directly to your sales team, don’t worry, because it won’t take months to complete.

Faster & More Effective

With the right people from sales, marketing and product management, you can get the first draft done in 1.5-days.

After years of experience, we have boiled it down to 7-easy steps and preprinted worksheets that we will help you populate. The result is that we can help you get it done faster, easier and better than trying to do it yourself.


  • Targeted Conversation List (click)
  • List of up to 3-Insights per tile (click)
  • Convert capabilities (unique) into Capability Vision Statements.
  • Customer Scenarios (Story), Provocative Questions, and Teaching with Research (click examples).


“It’s a whole other take on how to get to the right answer. And as a result, we’re getting the right answer. So by thinking through who the target customer is and really understanding what they care about. And then to connect it to our value proposition, there is magic there that I don’t think we would have gotten there unless we would have approached it the way that you lead us through the process.” Holly Pauper, Dir. Marketing, Communications, Planning, Eaton Corp.  

“Michael does a wonderful job of taking what for many sales professionals is a very complex concept – understanding individual insight and relating to customers on a personal, human level – and explains it in such a way that it instantly makes sense. His story telling technique provides a perfect platform to communicate important facts/metrics to your customers in a way that makes it meaningful for them.” Cara Pacific Campbell, Regional Sales Manager, ANSYS, Inc.

“Michael is a talented sales professional and instructor and really helped our Executive team transform the way we look at our business and position ourselves to a variety of buyer personas in order to become more effective sellers. He was diligent in building his understanding of our business and our selling methodology such that the tools and insights he brought to the table enhanced vs. drastically changed our existing sales process. He respectfully challenged us to reshape our thinking and then provided the tools for practical application across the organization.” Tina Swanson, Director Sales Force Effectiveness, Marketing, and Customer Experience, Restaurant Technologies Inc.

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