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Gord Smith, VP Market Development – Hitachi Solutions America Ltd (click for video)

“Our pipeline increased by 3-times in under 18-months largely due to the improved conversations since we started the Insight Selling program.”

Tony Alderdice, Director of Sales – Epicor Software Corp (click for video)

“After the Insight Selling Sales Training, Sales increased by 120% in the 2H 2013, and the salespeople who have continued to use Insight Scenarios have outperformed those who don’t by 50%. Fortunately the others are now coming on board after a number of high profile strategic accounts have been won with insight based stories.”

Frederic PageSales Enablement – SAP

“Insight selling has become a must read to all our new sales people and we will be delivering the workshop to 300 people this year. Highly recommended.”

Doug Barnes, Senior Strategic Account Manager, Epicor Software Corporation

“I have been selling software and managing sales teams for over 30 years and have been through numerous sales training sessions. Most were worthwhile and you always seemed to get something out of them. Recently we engaged Michael for a two day Insight Selling workshop. Wow, the best sales training session I have ever attended! It was the most realistic approach to engaging your customers or prospects that I have seen. Michael is truly a professional and a very down to earth person. No ego, just common sense approaches. I would highly recommend Michael for any company that wants to improve their engagement with their clients.”

Heidi Tucker, Vice President, Global Alliances – InsideView Inc

“Michael Harris provided sales and storytelling coaching for our Channel Sales team over the course of several months. He introduced our team to the concept of storytelling using insights to better engage prospects and customers in relevant, meaningful business conversations. The techniques he trained us to use have dramatically transformed our sales approach and our productivity. Our team has a much stronger appreciation for how they help prospects and more deeply understand their business and decision-making process. Michael expertly engaged our team with practical tools, coaching, critique in the storytelling workshop (and in 1:1 sessions afterward). He did so with fun and laughter. His personal approach was the key to getting our team of highly seasoned Channel Sales executives to look differently at their sales approach – and open their minds to engaging prospects in a very different way. Many of our Channel Team members said that Michael’s training was the best training they’d ever attended. I would highly recommend Michael to any sales organization that is looking to engage with prospects in a more relevant, elegant and effective way.”

Alda Pinto, Analytics Specialist – SAP  

“Michael is passionate about Insight Selling and how to tell a story,  and he shows that in the Insight Selling training program. After the training, I read Michael´s book during my flight back from San Francisco to Lisbon, and everything made more and more sense. Michael had taught SAP Sales Academy that  selling is not only rational, but it is in fact more emotional that we think. Michael’s training is innovative, inspiring and valuable for all sales reps. I strongly recommend Michael and the Insight Selling training.”

Mike Hennessy, VP of Sales – Intelliresponse

“We came up with eight different stories that we’re going to use tomorrow. I think the risk with many sales programs is that they turn into shelf-ware. With this, I can honestly say that we’re going to start using these stories tomorrow.”

Joe Walsh, VP of Sales, Virtusa

“The reality is that we all sell through stories. We’ve been able to capture, and catalogue our stories. With these stories, we will be able to open doors, make customers comfortable, and have them internalize our successes as a company.”

Holly Paeper, Director of Marketing, Communications & Planning – Eaton Corp

“One of the best things to come out of the Insight Selling program is having sales folks cooperate and collaborate in developing the marketing messages. Because so many times as marketing people, we sit in our offices and develop what we think is a great value prop or a great message, and we give it to the salesforce to find it’s never used.”

Neal Benedict, Global Director – Oil & Gas Industry – Eaton Corp

“We at Eaton Corp enjoyed working with Michael. He is an expert in identifying customer needs and crafting targeted messaging. He has a keen awareness of emotional buying influences and successfully helped us frame our unique value propositions. Michael’s strength in taking a complex value chain, and breaking it into addressable parts truly helped us focus our messaging toward our largest opportunities. I would recommend Michael as his approach to sales, marketing, and training are very effective.”

Richard Elliott, Global Vice President – ResponseTek

“Michael was top notch at understanding our needs and translating those needs into a training program that resonated with my organization. Two consecutive days of keeping a room of sales people highly engaged, what more can I say!”

Andrew Roise, Senior Account Executive – Epicor Software Corporation

“Michael did a great job helping open my eyes to simple, powerful ways to connect with my clients – and he did it with conviction, humor, and integrity.”

Tina Swanson, Director Sales Force Effectiveness, Marketing, & Customer Experience, RTI 

“Michael is a talented sales professional and instructor and really helped our Executive team transform the way we look at our business and position ourselves to a variety of buyer personas in order to become more effective sellers. He was diligent in building his understanding of our business and our selling methodology such that the tools and insights he brought to the table enhanced vs. drastically changed our existing sales process. He respectfully challenged us to reshape our thinking and then provided the tools for practical application across the organization.”

Cara Pacific Campbell, Regional Sales Manager, ANSYS, Inc.

“Michael does a wonderful job of taking what for many sales professionals is a very complex concept – understanding individual insight and relating to customers on a personal, human level – and explains it in such a way that it instantly makes sense. His story telling technique provides a perfect platform to communicate important facts/metrics to your customers in a way that makes it meaningful for them.”

Richard Upton, EVP, Operations at Icon International, Inc.

“Michael’s Insight Selling Program is practical, applicable to all selling styles and business verticals. He does a great job simplifying the art of story telling. Not only is it a great sales tool, it is a great life tool. It turns facts into colorful, memorable stories that stay with you long after you forget the factual content. His program makes things relatable. I would highly recommend Insight Selling.”

Maryna Kazlova, Senior Training and Development Consultant, SAP

“Michael Harris has designed and is successfully delivering an Insight Selling course for all SAP Sales professionals. These virtual instructor-led sessions are very popular with our audience and get fantastic feedback – for the effectiveness of the taught techniques, innovative content and for the highly interactive delivery style. Personally, I am honored to work with such a professional trainer and designer as Michael”

Bob Hackett, EVP Corporate Solutions, JLL

“The training was well worthwhile and I would recommend it to anybody… The high level training that Michael gave us about what the Insight Selling is was really helpful, but it wasn’t all consuming- it wasn’t all about that- it was about how to use insights to enable the sales team to effectively sell the new tools and products.” (click video)

Richard Brown, Global Head BI Corporate Solution, JLL

“I thought we were going to struggle with it. I thought they wouldn’t get it. But actually after two days these guys really began to understand it and tell some fabulous stories about how this solution could actually help their clients.” (click video)

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