Share How Your Company’s Star Performers Articulate Value

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It’s now possible for your salespeople to articulate value like your star performers in less than three months through online video peer learning.

Sharing the sales wisdom of your star performer’s with your sales team is a big deal, because sales and marketing leaders for the last 4 years in a row have rated the inability of their salespeople to articulate value as the #1 reason they don’t achieve quota. But salespeople don’t want more marketing or product information. Instead, show them how the star performers are articulating value, and these proven best practices won’t collect dust in a folder.

Imagine if there was a practical training program that could capture how your company’s star performers articulate value, double efficacy of the message, and ensure your salespeople practice so that your they are able to communicate value like your star performers in less than three months.

We offer this program (click for video overview), and it is practical, effective and efficient:

  1. Practical: It is based on the proven best practices of your company’s star performers. We don’t teach theory and leave it up to your salespeople to figure out how to apply it in the field. We interview your top performers to lean how they deliver the top 5 key messages/insights.
  2. Effective: We guarantee to double the efficacy of your star performers’ message through coaching, editing and presentation. The improved message is then shared with the rest of your team through an engaging 2-to-3 minute video (example oneand two).
  3. Efficient: With the latest video practice and coaching technology, we are able to reduce the time to practice and coach by 90%. So by investing just 20-minutes every other week to complete an online lesson, your salespeople will be able to deliver the top 5 key messages/insights with ease in less than three months.

Your salespeople will be able to adapt the star performer message to a customer’s unique situation, because we will also teach your salespeople how to tell their own insight based customer stories and how to ask insight-directed questions. The training will be based on our best-selling book Insight Selling.

With our customized training, you can feel confident that your salespeople will be able to articulate value like your star performers because we make sure they practice and the managers coach to proven best practices.


Additional Information:

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Video Example: Star Performer Customer Story

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