SAP Value Selling eMastery PROGRAM


With Insight Demand’s SAP Value Selling eMastery program, SAP LOB Leaders can feel confident that their sales team will be able to articulate value like the top performers in less than 3 months. The program will be 100% customized, and it is based on proven best practices of the star performers for each LOB.

With our program’s video practice and coaching, salespeople can practice articulating value more easily, and managers can coach to the proven best practices of the LOB’s star performers. Our process works like this:

  1. We interview the best performers of each LOB to learn how they deliver their top 5 messages/insights.
  2. We guarantee to double the message’s efficacy.
  3. We communicate this message through an engaging 2- to 3-minute video.

Every two weeks, for example, one of the five star performer videos will be shared with your team in the Sales Mastery Micro eLearning program (example), and it can be incorporated into your LMS. The sales team will then practice by recording themselves delivering this message in their own words. Most importantly, each lesson will take your salespeople less than 20 minutes every other week to complete; therefore, in less than 3 months, your sales team will able to deliver the top 5 key messages/insights with ease.

In each lesson, your salespeople will walk through 3 easy steps toward Sales Mastery:

  1. Watch: A 2-minute, best practice video on how a star performer would deliver a given message through a customer story (examples One and Two).
  2. Learn: Answer questions about how to convert the story into discovery questions (example).
  3. Practice: Practice by recording themselves delivering the story, and then send it to their manager for review (example).

Helping your reps articulate value is the best way to increase revenue. According to a survey of sales leaders, “the #1 reason reps fail to hit their quota is their inability to articulate value.” Customers agree: only 34% of executive buyers in a Gartner survey felt salespeople could articulate value, and they said that the best way to provide trustworthy differentiation is for salespeople to share customer stories. As a partner at a question based sales methodology for 5 years, I discovered that salespeople were better able to deliver questions if they first knew the story behind the questions. This is because people are 12.6 times more likely to remember facts and figures if they are wrapped up in a story.

It’s difficult to remember a sequential list of questions that are too inflexible to adjust to the fluidity of a business conversation. But it’s easy to walk 3 or 4 questions deep into the customer’s world if you know the story behind the questions.

How we can help:

  1. Create the Star Performer Videos: We guarantee that our program will double the efficacy of the key message/insight of your star performer. We’ll make the message sticky by converting all star performer customer stories into engaging videos (examples One and Two). Originally, we had the star performers create and deliver their own stories on video, but we found that it took them too much time. We knew we could do it better ourselves. Our videos are based off of interviews with star performers. The superior content and engaging visuals of our videos are at least two times better than a star performer delivering their story as a talking head.
  2. Provide Training: We will train your team to tell insight-based stories (template) and ask insight-directed questions (template). The online training will be based on our bestselling book, Insight Selling, as well as the SAP VCL 90-minute highly rated interactive online program, “Challenge Your Customer with Insight Selling Scenarios.” At the end of the VCL program, salespeople will be required to create their own stories, record them on video, and then send them to their managers for review. By first training your team to deliver their own stories and create discovery questions, they will gain a greater appreciation for the star performer stories. Why? Because they will discover how challenging it can be. They will also be able to take the star performers’ stories and make them their own, so that they can authentically adapt their value message to a customer’s specific situation.

After completing this program, your salespeople may share these 5 key messages/insights as stories, questions, or a combination of stories and questions. Whatever they choose, it won’t happen unless they practice. That’s why each lesson ends by asking your salespeople to record themselves delivering the story in their own words.

Classroom training is effective, but would you get on a plane with a pilot who hadn’t spent time in a simulator? Before LOB Leaders pay for a plane ticket for a salesperson to visit a customer, wouldn’t they want them at a minimum to be practiced at delivering the top 5 key messages/insights? With our customized training, SAP LOB Leaders can feel confident that their salespeople will be able to articulate value in the heat of a sales call.


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