How to create stories that sell.

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StorySellPicImagine if the power of storytelling could do for your salespeople what it did for  Al Gore?

Remember how he went from zero to hero.

In 1999, for example, facts & figures Al Gore was considered by the American public, according to a Washington Post poll, to be “very boring” or “somewhat boring.” That’s so cruel.

However, in 2006, Al Gore changes his approach and learns how to deliver his message through story in the hit presentation/film an “Inconvenient Truth.” He’s now a hit and wins an Emmy, an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize.

Whatever your political affiliation, that’s a remarkable change and clearly shows the power of storytelling.

The creator of the “Inconvenient Truth” presentation, Nancy Duarte, came out with a new book called Resonate (2010), and on the front cover the title reads “Present visual stories that transform audiences.”

Isn’t that what we all want to do in sales? To inspire our customers to step out of the status quo, take action, and invest through us into a better tomorrow?

Your customers are drowning in the status quo. They need you to inspire them so that they can tell themselves a new story where new choices make more sense.

The power of storytelling is now in your hands. You’ve Stories that sell Guide (click presentation below), the Storytelling Template (click) to capture your story, and 20-minutes of my time to coach you along.

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Michael Harris

Story Tools

  1. PPT: How to create stories that sell (click)
  2. Video: Webinar How to create stories that sell (click)
  3. PDF: Story template (click)
  4. Example: Bad vs. a good story (click)



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