Selling Change with Insight

What we do

We show salespeople how to challenge the status quo and win more business with Change Stories & Questions.

Selling Change is hard

Customers have built in cognitive biases that make them highly resistant to change. That’s why they don’t make the rational decision to buy your product- even when the value is overwhelming- because they mistakenly believe the status quo is the easiest and safest option.

Until salespeople improve at opening the gap with “WHY CHANGE,” they will struggle to close the gap with “WHY US,” and no decision will continue to be your biggest competitor.

Challenge the status quo with insight

Everyone in sales will tell you why they must deliver insight. But when you ask for an example, you hear silence, because the word insight confuses most people.

What if delivering insight was as simple as sharing why current customers changed? With Change Stories & Questions, salespeople will be able to shine the light of insight on the unrecognized problems and costs of the status quo. Once customers realize that the risk of the status quo is greater than the risk of change, they will be motivated to change.

Salespeople are the key to change

Salespeople will fail at selling change with marketing’s success stories, because by the time customers achieve success, they will have either forgotten why they changed or the competitive landscape will have changed so much that the reasons are no longer relevant.

Having salespeople share their customer wins as Change Stories is a great way for salespeople to practice selling change, because salespeople use the same skills to uncover the reasons why a past customer bought as they do to determine why a future customer will buy. No war stories all about the salesperson or drowning the message by sharing everything that happened. Instead, salespeople will learn how to deliver the essence of why a customer decided to change in under 2-minutes (see Online Training).


Research Based

Our approach is backed by the latest decision making science on how to dislodge the status quo and differentiate your product. Studies from neuroscience, behavioral economics, and social psychology, for example, are found in our

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Our clients include such companies as SAP, Hitachi, Epicor Software, Avaya, Eaton Corp, Jones Lang LaSalle and Transunion Corp (see testimonials video).

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