Selling Value with Insight Storytelling

What we do

We show salespeople how to sell value & differentiate their product to today’s empowered buyers. By improving your team’s ability to articulate value through executive conversations, you will achieve higher win rates, shorter sales cycles, and higher margins.

We believe you must deliver insight to sell value

With the proliferation of information and advice on the internet, buyers approach salespeople with an idea of what they think they need, and what they’re willing to pay. So unless you shine a light of insight on unrecognized value, you will be forced to follow the customer down the road of commoditization and discounting, because buyers lack the time and expertise to fully appreciate the value of your complex product.

Delivering Insight

With Customer Insight Scenarios®, Provocative Questions, and Teaching with Research (click for examples), salespeople will learn how to best create and deliver insight (click Training).

Research Based

Our Insight Selling approach is backed by the latest decision making science on how to dislodge the status quo and differentiate your product.

Studies from neuroscience, behavioral economics and social psychology, for example, are found in

  1. Our book Insight Selling,  and
  2. Our articles: a) HBR: When to Sell with Facts and Figures and When to Appeal to Emotions; b) The Status Quo Bias- Why Customers Deviate From Rational Economic Behaviour, and: c)  Neuroscience proves stories trump facts.


Our Insight Selling clients include such companies as SAP, Hitachi, Epicor Software, Avaya, Eaton Corp, Jones Lang LaSalle and Transunion Corp (see testimonials video).

Next Steps

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