Selling Value with Insight Storytelling

Sell Value and Differentiate Your Product With Insight Scenarios

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Selling Value with Insight Storytelling

What we do

We show salespeople how to sell value & differentiate their product to today’s empowered buyers. This will result in higher win rates, shorter sales cycles, and higher margins.

We believe you must deliver insight to sell value

With the proliferation of information and advice on the internet, buyers approach salespeople with an idea of what they think they need, and what they’re willing to pay. So unless you shine a light of insight on unrecognized value, you will be forced to follow the customer down the road of commoditization and discounting, because buyers lack the time and expertise to fully appreciate the value of your complex product.

We believe stories trump verbal persuasion at delivering insight

  1. Non-confrontational: If you shine the light of insight directly on how a customer isn’t doing something well today, they may feel under attack, become offended, and shut down. A story, however, simply presents a scenario about someone else, and leaves it up to the customer to form their own conclusion. Without feeling attacked, the customer can now relax and listen to your customer story, and if it’s insightful enough, they may start to tell themselves a new story where new choices make more sense.
  2. Facts tell, but stories sell: Selling with facts & figures can result in paralysis for analysis. A story, however, allows you to wrap you rational sales message in emotion so that it feels real. It’s like putting the customer inside a buying simulator® so that they can take your product out for a virtual test drive. See our HBR article When to Sell with Facts and Figures, and When to Appeal to Emotions.
  3. Memorable: A fact wrapped in a story is 12 times more memorable according to a Stamford study.


  1. 70% of executive buyers in a recent Gartner study said that the best way for salespeople to deliver differentiation that they trust is by sharing a customer story.

But we already have success stories

Success stories are too long to be used in a conversation, and they don’t sell the problem before the solution. The result is that they not only flood buyers with too much information, but they also try to rescue customers who are only ankle deep in problems. So salespeople need to be trained on Insight StorySelling so that they can customize their short burst of insight to each customer.

Would your salespeople sell more if?

  1. They did everything the same, except shared one story?
  2. They ditched the pitch, and delivered just three insight scenarios via a whiteboard?


Our Insight Selling clients include such companies as SAP, Hitachi, Epicor Software, Eaton Corp and Transunion Corp (see testimonials video).

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