Insight Selling

Sell Value and Differentiate Your Product With Insight Scenarios

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Insight Selling

The opportunity

We show salespeople how to sell value & differentiate their product with insight scenarios.

The sales challenge

Without challenging what customers have learned online with insight, salespeople are forced to follow the customer down the road of commoditization and discounting, because customers lack both the time and expertise to fully appreciate the value of your complex product.

But delivering insight is more than using data, facts, and your brilliance to challenge customers. When challenged directly, for instance, customers can feel attacked, become defensive, and shut down.

The solution

Because Insight Scenarios are about someone else, the customer does not feel under attack. A story simply presents a scenario that allows the customer to draw their own conclusions. Without feeling pressured, the customer can now relax and listen to your customer scenario, and if it’s insightful enough, they may start to tell themselves a new story where new choices make more sense.

Without the context provided by a story, customers are left to figure out why it makes sense to buy, or even worse, why they should care. Click here for “Six-reasons why Insight Scenarios trump verbal persuasion at delivering insight.”

But we have case studies?

Case studies work well as proof once the customer has decided to buy, but early in the sales cycle, case studies are conversation killing monologues that flood buyers with way too much information. Case studies also focus too much on product proof, and not enough on selling the problem before the solution. Lastly, they are too generic to deliver insight.


Our Insight Selling clients include such companies as Hitachi, Epicor Software, Eaton Corp and Transunion Corp (see testimonials video).

Next steps

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