“INSIGHT SELLING- Sell Value & Differentiate Your Product With Insight Scenarios”

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Book Praise

Recommended in two of “Best of 2014” lists:

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Gord Smith, Director of Sales – Hitachi Canada.

“In 18-months, our pipeline tripled. Thanks largely to the improved conversations with clients by applying the principals in this book.”

Frederic Page, Sales Enablement – SAP

“Insight Selling provides immediately actionable content to sales people who want to sell “differently” and gain a competitive advantage. …It starts with a thorough understanding of your customer, their business drivers and challenges, and provide a framework to tailor your message to them, by addressing both the “emotional and the logical” mind. Insight selling has become a must read to all our new sales people and we will be delivering the workshop to 300 people this year. Highly recommended.”

Jeff Everton, Sales Enablement and Productivity – Epicor Software

“Insight Scenarios are critical to selling value in today’s customer-centric economy. This book delivers on how to challenge our customers thinking without challenging the customer – which helps us deliver an exceptional customer experience. “

Anthony Wallace, Dir. Sales Readiness & Channel Execution APJ – CA Technologies

“Michael has done an outstanding job of providing not only the rationale but also practical ideas on winning in complex sales scenarios. Insight Selling is a blueprint for excelling in a world where we are increasingly seeing the commoditization of sales. The techniques in this book work – I use them every day to help sellers create interest with their prospects and customers, position unique benefits and unexpected sources of value, and create a sense of urgency to act . I highly recommend this book. ”

Heidi Tucker, Vice President, Global Alliances at InsideView, Inc

This book is so practical and a great read for any sales rep. It will change the way you relate to your prospects and you’ll win more deals using this modern approach to prospect engagement. Great tips on how to get deals out of a stall and how to get deals done faster. Love it!

Neil Bhuiyan, Sales Enablement Expert at Showpad

Being a Sales Rep, my VP Sales recommended that I read this book, and after being through many training courses such as SPIN Selling, The Challenger Sales etc this book really hit home, and I wish I picked it up sooner. The concept of Insight Selling in essence is the art of story-telling and techniques within are so simple yet effective. Literally in a matter of weeks, I was able to provide insight scenarios that helped paint an easy picture for my prospects to understand, and aided me in demonstrating the value of our solution rather than the benefits and features ~ and resulted in two closed deals where I struggled before with the DMs. I now have the book in my bag, and also purchased the Audio book for my commutes. Michael is a great teacher as well as author, and if this is the beginning of your sales career, highly recommend getting your copy today!

Book Summary

Selling value to B2B buyers today can feel like trying to stop a freight train that’s hurtling towards the sales graveyard of commoditization and discounting. Today, an empowered buyer has done research, has a clear idea of his or her firm’s needs, and how much the firm is willing to pay. This type of buyer does not want a salesperson to talk about features and deliver a series of open-ended Solution Selling or SPIN Selling questions that delivers no value. What this buyer wants is insight.

But how does a salesperson deliver insight so that it challenges the customer’s thinking without challenging the customer? That’s the question that this book will answer.

In Part One of this book, we will examine why “Insight Selling” will help you sell value and differentiate your product to empowered buyers.

In Part Two, we will provide six reasons why Insight Scenarios™ trump verbal persuasion at delivering insight to your customers. These reasons are backed by solid research: eight neuroscience studies and 20 research footnotes. This research is then followed by social proof on how SAP, Microsoft & Oracle are doing it.

Finally, in Part Three, we will show you how to create Insight Scenarios, so that you can not only arm your salespeople with insights, but so that you can also show them the most effective way to deliver them.

Once you have created your own insight scenarios, your salespeople will be more effective in two ways:
1) They will be able to deliver insights without upsetting the buyer, and;
2) They will be able to let the customer take your product out for a virtual test drive, so customers will discover for themselves the unique value of your product.

Think of the book as The Challenger Sale meets Made to Stick

Download Chapter One PDF (click), AudioBook (click), or Buy on Amazon (click)

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