A story about a CEO who helps a tactical VP of Sales scale the business.

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A story about a CEO who helps a tactical VP of Sales scale the business.

Business Storytelling, Sales Messaging, Story Selling Sep 28, 2012 No Comments

I remember when the CEO invested in what I, the VP of Sales of a mid-sized company, felt was a foolish amount of money on a new Marketing Director. But what really bothered me, was what  the new position represented, change.

Although my sales team was exceeding quota, the landscape changed. And I knew if I didn’t change, I’d get run over. Read more »

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How salespeople inspire customers to invest, not resist, with stories.

Business Storytelling, Sales Messaging, Story Selling Sep 14, 2012 No Comments

Although the value of your offering is overwhelming, customers resist. Why?

More important, how will you get past this irrational wall of resistance, and make the sale?

Not only will these questions be answered, but more important, you’ll receive a complimentary guide with simple and practical steps that you can start using today, so that you can inspire our customers to step out of the status quo, take action, and invest through you into a better tomorrow.

Overwhelmed Buyers Read more »

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The Challenger Sale: How to avoid upsetting the customer.

Business Storytelling, Sales Messaging May 14, 2012 No Comments

To find out how to challenge the customer’s thinking without challenging the customer, I asked Matt Dixon, co-author of the Challenger Sale and Executive Director of the Corporate Executive Board, for the answer. (Click here for video interview).

Q: How do you challenge the customer’s thinking without challenging the customer?

A: If we’d found that The Challengers were obnoxious and aggressive; we’d have called them The Jerk not The Challenger.

Q: Are stories the most effective way? Read more »

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How to sell without being a jerk so that you can take your foot off the brake and hit quota.

Business Storytelling, Sales Messaging, Story Selling, Storytelling Apr 09, 2012 No Comments

According to Sales Benchmark Index, only 57% of salespeople achieved quota in 2011.

Why? Did they lack motivation or a sense of urgency? Well, according to a recent study, only 1 in 7 seriously at risk heart patients were able to follow through and make the “change or die” lifestyle changes- diet, exercise, and no-smoking. That’s right, only 1 in 7. Read more »

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How to attract sales leads- not chase them- with killer marketing content.

Business Storytelling, Sales Messaging Apr 08, 2012 No Comments

In an interview with Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of Marketing Profs (360,000 members and the largest community of marketers in the world) and co-author of Content Rules, she talks about the need to create killer marketing content so that you can attract sales leads instead of having to chase after them.

The three takeaways from the interview are: Read more »

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Business Storytelling makes Value Props Stick like Velcro

Business Storytelling, Sales Messaging, Story Selling Dec 16, 2011 No Comments

How Storytelling made a client’s ‘rational value sell’ stick like Velcro. Read more »

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HBR: Storytelling That Moves People

Business Storytelling, Sales Messaging, Story Selling Dec 13, 2011 No Comments

“The HBR asks why is persuasion so difficult and what can you do to set people on fire? Read more »

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McKinsey Study: Solution Selling… is the pain worth the gain?

Business Storytelling, Corporate Storytelling, Insight Selling, Sales Messaging, Stories that sell, Story Selling, Storytelling Oct 29, 2011 No Comments

Solutions selling has been all the rage over the last 5 to 10 years, yet 75 percent of the companies that attempt to offer solutions fail to return the cost of their investment.” (Source: ‘Solution Selling: Is the pain worth the gain’ McKinsey Study).

Even the author and founder of Solution Selling & CustomerCentric Selling, Mike Bosworth, agrees.

“The number one complaint I heard from sales managers was that the bottom 80 percent of their salespeople quit trying to use the methodology within 10 days of the workshop.” (‘Mike’s Ah-Ha moment’ Sept. 2011). Read more »

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“Proof Sales Messaging increases sales”

Business Storytelling, Sales Messaging, Storytelling Oct 07, 2011 No Comments

In comparing firms that are world-class at sales messaging with those that are not, CSO Insights found that they:

* Have 35% more of their salespeople achieving quota
* Win deals 20% more often
* Experience 33% less sales rep turnover Read more »
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Selling to Emotional Buyers, Not “Mr. Spock”

Business Storytelling, Sales Messaging, Story Selling Oct 04, 2011 No Comments

There’s a tendency for salespeople to concentrate on logic because they feel that emotions are too flaky to have any real importance on a buying decision. But economists have recently embraced the idea that irrational psychology, rather than cool calculation, plays a significant role in buying decisions.

Skeptical salespeople may be interested to hear that it’s now scientifically proven that emotions play a big role in decision making. Emotions generated through negatively framed decisions, for instance, can affect how we decide by as much as 44%. Read more »

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Business storytelling provides a way to get past the Buyer’s resistance to change

Business Storytelling, Sales Messaging, Story Selling Sep 23, 2011 No Comments

Review the following two Storytelling examples and decide for yourself if you feel that Storytelling could help your Sales Team sell more? Read more »

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Stories help overwhelmed Buyers to overthrow the status quo, and buy.

Business Storytelling, Corporate Storytelling, Sales Messaging, Story Selling, Storytelling Apr 04, 2011 No Comments

With 150 e-mails a day, 30 voice-mails and 60-80-hour work weeks thanks to corporate reorganizations, buyers are so busy today that in order to survive they have learned that they can’t do it all. Consequently, buyers now often stick with the status quo—even when it hurts the company.

Logic Doesn’t Help

Product Pitches, Value Propositions and Logical Arguments do not convince a buyer in denial to change. Read more »

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VP of Sales Story: Board wants sales quick fix or else.

Sales Messaging, Story Selling, Storytelling Feb 25, 2011 No Comments

Spray & Pray

Here’s a story about Paul, a VP of Sales at Software Inc., who has unfortunately inherited a sale cycle that drags on forever. That’s when deals happen. But most of the time, his team loses to their biggest competitor, the customer sticking with the status quo.

The Board at the Software Inc. hopes that he’ll fix things fast, but if he doesn’t, he’s toast.

But Sales Training and Marketing wasn’t going to save him. Continue reading… Read more »

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Geospatial Salesman falls to earth with a thud

Sales Messaging, Story Selling, Storytelling Feb 20, 2011 No Comments

Geospatial Salesman sells to Users

As the Geospatial Salesperson, Hank, put down the phone, he felt like he’d just been punched in the stomach. How could his life have changed so drastically? Continue reading… Read more »

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New Business: Mission Impossible?

Sales Messaging, Story Selling Feb 09, 2011 No Comments
Buyer- intense time pressure

Buyer- intense time pressure

When Buyers no longer answer their phone and your voice and e-mails get deleted, how will you win new business so that you achieve quota?

Well, if you accept that going back to basics and smiling and dialing won’t take you where you need to go, don’t despair.

But before I show you how to win new business, let’s first take a fieldtrip to a typical Buyer’s office Continue reading… Read more »

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