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This is part of a series of micro learning tutorials where JLL’s star performers  share insight into how they have successfully sold RED.

Instead of leading with the features and functions of RED, JLL’s star performers lead customers to RED by sharing stories about the impact of RED on real customer business outcomes.  Without these insight based customer stories, customers are left to figure out on their own why it makes sense they should buy, or worse, why they should care.

You may, for example, share these stories as an anecdote, conversationally or in full with a customer. But whatever you choose, it won’t happen unless you practice, and that’s why each lesson ends by asking you to record yourself delivering the story in your own words.


In each weekly lesson, you will be asked to do the following:

Learn: Watch the 2-minute video of the star performer’s story.

Practice: Answer questions on the story and think of an account to deliver it to.

Deliver: Record & then send to your manager how you would share this story in your own words to your targeted account.


The lessons are designed to take less than 10-minutes to complete.

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